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Prayer Supporters

Dear friends, 

I just want to thank you for your ​continued, ​prayerful ​and uplifting ​support over the last few months. It ​is​ so helpful for me and the team to receive such encouragement and positive​ feedback​ about the work we are doing, particularly​ ​after events such as the AGM in June​.  ​The ​feedback to the ​newsletters​, encouragement​ through conversations with you in the shop​ and the affirmation that you can see the impact of the work we are doing, really lifts our spirits and motivates us. ​ ​


In fact, the changes and adaptations we have made in responding to the pandemic mean that ​we are having a much greater impact ​than ever before ​and ​are playing a more ​significant​t role​ in young people's lives. ​W​e are often pointed to as the on​ly ​intervention that is having a positive impact, at a time of crisis! 

​However, ​as ​I am sure you will be aware through the news and social media​, we are facing a​ crisis in young people's mental health and for Oxygen, an increasing challenge in the number of young people being referred to us​ (now over 150) ​ for ​1-2-1 ​crisis support and mentoring​.  Just a couple of days ago I sadly received a referral for a 15 year-old girl who is the victim of sustained sexual abuse over a six year period. They have had no intervention or support to deal with the impact of the abuse and we are being asked to help with mentoring so that they can engage in education!

We are being stretched to our limits and struggling to cope with the demand​, fighting battles on​ several levels. ​ The fact that we are having a deeper and more significant impact on young people is going to draw attention, especially on a spiritual level!  ​The opposition is not keen on us bringing hope to​ some of the most vulnerable and damaged​ ​young people!  We need you​r​ prayers for the spiritual battle​. ​ So​, ​please pray for​:

  • ​S​piritual protection for me and the team​ and​ for our physical and mental health which is certainly under attack right now. 

  • ​Faith that God will provide the ​resources to be able to grow and equip the team ​with the skills and expertise needed and ​bring the right people to us. Specifically, to fill the vacancy we have for the role of Head of Youth Work and Mission.

  • ​W​isdom ​and discernment ​as we make key decisions around our finances and strategy for the future. ​ 

  • the Messaging to our supporters, as we seek to engage churches in telling them about the huge need we see in front of us and how we are responding and changing young people's lives. Specifically for us to be able to speak to churches and local Christians and maintain that strong foundation and roots which enable me to say that "we are a Christian charity supported by several local churches".​

​This final point is where you can ​help on a practical level by thinking of opportunities where you can tell others in your churches about the work we are doing and invite us to come and talk about the impact we are having as part of the wider body of the church. 


The last prayer I ask for is that of thanks for the many blessings we have received which confirm to me that God is faithful to us! Just last month we had a surprise gift from a church which was four times their normal contribution to Oxygen's ministry!


Thank you so much and may God bless your day.   


John and Lisa, Oxygen  Further reading:

You can read our most recent Annual report here: 

Oxygen undertakes a range of youth work initiatives in Kingston upon Thames and surrounding areas. We engage young people of all faiths in our projects which include open youth work sessions such as after school clubs and youth clubs as well as more targeted interventions around specific issues including Knife Crime, Employment and Education, Leadership Skills and Mentoring. Oxygen also manages delivery of Kingston Street Pastors whose mission is to care, listen and help people in Kingston’s night time economy (this includes regular engagement with the homeless). 

Oxygen was launched in 2001 by young people from a group of local churches who wanted to see the church get more involved in responding to the needs of young people and getting alongside them in their daily lives. Oxygen was developed in close partnership with experienced youth workers (both church based and statutory) and community leaders. 

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