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During the Easter Holiday we are running several projects for young people which can be viewed on our calendar.  Given the high demand for our services we are having to prioritise those young people in greatest need and extend the waiting time between referral and initial response.  It may take 4 weeks before you hear from us.  We are trying to recruit additional staff, although this takes time.  Thank you for your patience.

  • Fill in a short application form

  • Answer a few basic questions with one of our team.

  • Undertake an enhanced Police check (D.B.S.) 

  • Complete a short online training programme which will give you an understanding of the principles of mentoring, safeguarding and help to develop your skills.

Do you want to do something to help a young person?


We all struggle with life at some point, but young people need our help, encouragement and support to the overcome the challenges we are facing.  At Oxygen we are adapting our services to engage with those who are most in need and show them they are valued, loved and that we believe they can make a difference.

We are looking for people who have some life experience and have a passion for seeing others discover their identity and achieve their potential.  We can all influence those around us in a positive way and your support could really make a difference to a young person's life at a time when they need some guidance or just a friendly ear. 

If that is you then click here to begin the process

or carry on reading....

How to become a mentor?

Woman on Window Sill

  • That you to take a step of faith and be willing to learn

  • Commit at least one hour per month to talk with a young person

  • Give us feedback on the sessions you have with your mentee,

  • Participate in regular monitoring and support sessions with your Oxygen support worker. 

  • Report any safeguarding concerns you might have. We have a duty to protect you and the young person.

Smiling Teenage Boy

What we ask from you?

Qualifying process:

Apply  :  Interview (Chat)  :  Training Modules x 3  :  D.B.S. Check  :  Sign Agreement  :  Begin matching process

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