Oxygen's minecraft realm

Due to the current climate and lock-down, Oxygen has created a Discord server and a Minecraft realm to engage young people who are 13 and above. This is to improve the opportunities for young people to connect with Oxygen's Team so that they can receive valuable support and build social skills

What is it?


Minecraft is a video game where players can build and create their own worlds using various types of blocks. The main purpose of the game is to build and explore! There are two main game modes, Survival and Creative. We are using the Survival mode which means players must find their own building supplies and food.

Our Realm is open from 3pm-8pm on weekdays we have weekly minecraft sessions where our youth workers are online. The realm is also checked by youth workers daily. 

Is it safe?

We are ensuring that our use of these platforms is in line with the latest advice and guidance on digital youth work around best practice and safeguarding. All of our staff and volunteers are DBS checked and have undergone arppoved Safeguarding training. We have taken many precautions to ensure the realm is safe and only players approved by Oxgygen staff can access the realm. We have set up a ticket tool system on Discord where young people can report anything to the staff. We have

How do I join?


For the Minecraft realm we are using the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, unfortunately this means it cannot be accessed using the Java edition. However it can be accessed on Minecraft for Windows 10, Mobile Devices, Nintendo Switch consoles, Xbox consoles and VR devices. 

We have chosen the Bedrock Edition Realm for ease of access and the cross platform compatabilty.

In order to join our realm you must join our Discord server as we will use this platform to chat while playing. Find out more about Discord here!

Fill out the form below and make sure the Discord option is ticked on the second page and a member of the team will be in touch