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Supporting Oxygen and getting involved

Working with young people is immensely rewarding and beneficial to you and the young person. You can get involved in the work of Oxygen in many practical ways such as:

Oxygen Shop


Support Oxygen through our unique shop by joining as a volunteer, helping with our up-cycling project, or donating quality goods for us to sell.



Leave a gift in your will

A lump sum

Regular giving

Gift Aid Declaration

Wouldn't it be good to know that a young person, struggling to overcome the challenges they face, perhaps in the way you have, is going to get the support they need to fulfil their dreams and potential because of you? 

Become a mentor


Volunteer mentor/coach

We all struggle with life at some point, but young people need our help, encouragement and support to the overcome the challenges we are facing.  At Oxygen we are adapting our services to engage with those who are most in need and show them they are valued, loved and that we believe they can make a difference.



Run the marathon, organise an event or just spread the message about the impact Oxygen has on the lives of young people.  Giving your time or using your skills could be a rewarding and valuable way to help young people. 


Go on... Go the extra mile!


You can sign up to our mailing list and keep up to date with our events, news and learn abou the work we do and the impact we have on the lives of young people.

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