" I am alive toady because of the What's the point? programme run by Oxygen!  I learned about how to treat somone with a knife wound which I used when I was stabbed.  It saved my life!"   

Young Person

What’s the point? is a peer led education project designed to facilitate young people’s learning of a variety of perspectives on knife and violent crime. Young people gain an understanding of the impact of carrying a knife and can consider their own response and stance on the issue. They examine a range of constructs including the value of life, death, right and wrong, relationships, trust, loyalty, identity and explore the factors which influence their thoughts and decisions.


What’s the point provides opportunities for young people to discover their potential, make changes in their lives and prove their ability to lead and positively influence their peers.

Oxygen has developed a resource to help communities combat the issue and are offering training to voluntary organisations who want to deliver the programme across London and beyond.

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The What's the point? programme has been developed over the last 10 years and is founded on four critical success factors:

  • Youth led

  • Voluntary participation

  • Partnerships

  • Critical decision / Wow! moment 

The programme runs over a number of weeks and is delivered in schools by local charities and voluntary organisations.  They are able to unlock community resources,  establish partnerships and engage young people in thinking about the issue. 

We offer training to equip your team to deliver the What's the point programme in your area.  We will train you on the model which has worked well in other areas but want you to adapt and tailor the programme to meet the needs in your area.  you know your community and what resources are available 

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"Being part of the What's the point? programme? Looking back, ... I have to say that it was the single most significant thing I did throughout my secondary school career! It was the point at which I grew up, took responsibility and tried to change something."

Abed, Student, reflecting 5 years after being involved in the first pilot of the What's the point? programme.