" I am alive toady because of the What's the point? programme run by Oxygen!  I learned about how to treat somone with a knife wound which I used when I was stabbed.  It saved my life!"   Young Person

What’s the point? is a peer led education project designed to facilitate young people’s learning of a variety of perspectives on knife crime. Young people gain an understanding of the impact of carrying a knife and can consider their own response and stance on the issue. They examine a range of constructs including the value of life, death, right and wrong, relationships, trust, loyalty, identity and explore the factors which influence their thoughts and decisions.


What’s the point provides opportunities for young people to discover their potential, make changes in their lives and prove their ability to lead and positively influence their peers.

Oxygen had developed a range of resources to help schools combat the issue and are being funded by the Home Office to train others to deliver the programme across London

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Oxygen has been delivering the What's the point? programme since 2013 and has put together a resource pack and facilitators handbook, so that others can deliver the programme in their area.

We are keen to see the programme made available to every school in the country and are looking for similar organisations to enable them to tackle knife crime.  If you are voluntary, community or faith based organisation interested in being trained, then please complete our enquiry form by clicking the Adult Training below.