This page has information about our staff team. You can read about why they came to Oxygen and what motivation they have to work for young people. In addition, we want to give you a personal insight into our work every month written by staff members.

John Trend - Director

It is a real privilege to lead Oxygen for over 10 yeras and work to help improve the lives of  young people. I have been involved in youth work for almost  30 years  and have always had a heart for those on the fringes of society.  I have worked with young offenders, those excluded from school, as an education policy adviser, and as a church youth worker.  To get to know more about me. Read this little interview, by a brilliant young reporter!:

Rory Densham Brown - Head of Youth Work

Hi I'm Rory and I'm Head of Youth Work for Oxygen. I started working for Oxygen in September 2015, before this I was a church youth worker. I have been involved in youth work in one way or another since I was 16. In this time I gained experience in Church, secular and now voluntary sectors of youth work. I enjoy my work hugely and one of the best parts of my role is working with wonderful people, both the young people and the staff team. It is a great honour to build God's kingdom and serve so many people in the Kingston area. 

Charlie Bamford - Development Manager & Kingston Street Pastors Coordindator

I have been employed by Oxygen since the end of 2010 but my involvement goes back to 2001 when I first volunteered at the age of 16. I currently hold two roles: Development Manager, which primarily involves running our office and leading on fundraising and communications; and Coordinator of Kingston Street Pastors. I’m passionate about the role of the church in the wider community and my own role shaping Oxygen’s future and supporting our team to reach out to young people with God’s love. Leading Street Pastors has been a huge blessing and it is a privilege to be involved with a ministry which makes such a visible difference in Kingston. Before Oxygen, my professional background was in languages and education. I have been married for three years and I live in Surbiton.

Adam Kelly - Targeted projects

I have been working at Oxygen since 2011 and I love my job as a youth worker. The things I enjoy about working for Oxygen are; providing a platform and voice for young people, journeying with the kids and watching them grow into their potential, being able to discuss faith and religion in an open and non-judgemental way and being part of a team that feels more like a family than work mates.

Ben Wetherall - Sessional Youth Worker

I got into youth work after studying counselling and having had a challenging childhood and teenage years. I wanted to try and help kids not to make the same mistakes as I had made growing up. I also saw the massive social issues that fatherlessness causes for kids and wanted to be a positive male role model.

Brenda Robertson - Street Pastors Deputy Coordinator

Originally from South Africa, I have lived in the UK for 20yrs. I am a trained nurse, but have been on a career break for several years after starting a family. I have been a Street Pastor for 2.5 yrs, and have recently become a senior Street Pastor. I started working as the Interim Deputy Co-ordinator for Street Pastors at the end of August. It is a real blessing to be able to work for an organisation that I am passionate about.

Kat Field - Sessional Youth Worker

My name is Kat, I've been working with children and teenagers for four years and joined the Oxygen team in September after doing a work placement with them earlier on this year. I enjoy working with young people because it's fun and interesting and I want to make a difference in anyway I can.

I also have a degree in Drama and enjoy theatre and acting in my spare time.

Believing in young people...

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