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How has volunteering at the shop helped me?

I went through a really hard time of guilt after some very poor decisions I made resulted in me losing access to my children. A whole year of deep depression that I was really struggling to shake off. I would spend most of my time in bed and barely leave the house. I couldn't plan for the future because I couldn't see one... until one day I came into the Oxygen charity shop.

John suggested I could do some volunteer work and suddenly I felt a spark that I had felt before, when I used to work for a homeless charity. The fact that someone trusted me even after my mistakes gave me some hope. The whole team was so warming and friendly. I gradually felt more comfortable in a social setting.

The shop gave me a fresh start and the impact it has on so many people, however small, has a ripple effect that couldn't possibly be seen. I now see one of my sons every week and in the process of getting access to my other son. I am grateful that I never felt judged and I was reminded that I am worthy of having a normal life.

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