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The Trustees, staff and volunteers of Oxygen are so grateful to have had the benefit of Glyn’s wisdom, experience and guidance as Treasurer and Vice President for over 18 years. 

Glyn MaCaulay

Glyn MaCaulay was one of the founding Trustees of Oxygen and continued to be involved as treasurer until 2016 when he retired from the role and became a Vice President.  Glyn was very highly regarded by all who met him and were involved in Oxygen and he was a great asset to the charity. 


He would bring such wisdom and integrity to our meetings and whenever he talked it was with an air of humble authority, summing up our discussion and proposing course of action, which the board would invariably follow.  He was a great support to the leadership and would always have time for a Starbucks or meal if there were more pressing matters. 


Glyn would always ask provocative, probing questions, which often tested our thinking, but always with the purpose of helping to prepare arguments for a particular course of action.  He would then encourage others to be bold and give helpful advice as to how achieve our goals. 


Glyn was passionate about young people and always enquired about family, taking particular interest in staff and young people, especially any sporting achievements and went out of his way to encourage and bless others. 


John (Oxygen's Director) along with Liz (Oxygen's Chair), met with Glyn a couple of days before he left for Canada, to update him on the state of Oxygen and gain his thoughts on some strategic matters affecting the charity.  On parting he seemed excited about his trip to Canada and the prospect of seeing his family.  The last correspondence we received from Glyn is a letter accompanying a donation for the charity which he so generously supported over the years.  


We meet so many people throughout our lives but relatively few are able to inspire and affect others in the way that Glyn did.  We are so glad to have benefited from knowing Glyn and have such respect for the strength of his faith, wisdom and humble nature.  We know that we share the sadness of his passing with so many others and give our thoughts and prayers to his family. 


We will strive to model his example and honour his memory for years to come.

On behalf of the Trustees, Staff, Volunteers and young people of Oxygen:


Thank you Glyn.  We will miss you.

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